My Own Financial Strategist

Customized Investment Information You Can Understand and Trust

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My Own Investment Strategist provides personalized investment guidance that you can understand and trust. Simply fill in the confidential questionnaire, send it in, and receive your report that is customized to your own investment situation.

The investment markets have changed and understanding these changes will help you become a smarter steward of your money. My Own Investment Strategist focuses on your unique investment needs. Diversification is the key to your future investment success so your report will provide specific suggestions for diversifying your investments. Your report will also include specific no-load mutual fund recommendations that are selected just for you as well as a summary in order of priority of the best types of accounts to invest your money in the future.

This valuable service works if you’re just beginning to invest, if you are a more experienced do-it-yourself investor, or it can be used as a valuable second opinion if you have an investment advisor. Whatever your situation, your report will be different from anyone else’s and My Own Investment Strategist works for those who are working as well as retirees.

All of these features will empower you to approach your investing with renewed confidence or, if you’re just beginning to invest, will show you how to invest wisely and well even with a small amount of money.


We’re available to provide you with more information and to answer your questions. At last, you can become a better investor to help you achieve lifelong peace-of-mind. Call us at (617) 243-0020.